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So What Should You Do?

Our foreign-born friends are trying to make their way in an entirely new culture cut off from family and friends and everything upon which one would typically build a life.  You have an opportunity to walk with them as an encouragement and support as they journey towards realizing the fullest expression of God’s design for their lives.  


Take A Class


So you're ready to meet your new neighbors or say hi to that lady in the international grocery store but you're worried about offending them? Don't know anything about their culture? All Nations wants to help! Sign up for one of our cross-cultural training classes to be better equipped to love your neighbor like Jesus does.


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Neighborhood Engagement Teams

All Nations is looking to develop relationships with local churches throughout the region, to build awareness and equip the local church to step out in faith to represent Jesus to the nations in their neighborhoods. Join a neighborhood engagement team near you or start one in your area today!


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Join The All Nations Team

All Nations is committed to providing lectures, workshops, and courses to the Church in St. Louis so that we're all better equipped to love our neighbor,  but we can't do it alone! Train-to-train with us! Volunteer for our team! 

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