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The nations are here but how will they hear?

A Neighborhood Engagement Team In Every Zip Code

Jesus said "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few." in Matthew 9.

What if, no matter where an international family was placed or moved within St. Louis, there was someone waiting to welcome them and share with them the love and message of Jesus?

All Nations wants to help you figure out who is in your neighborhood and how you can best connect with them! We're looking to develop relationships with local churches throughout the region, to build awareness and equip them to step out in faith to represent Jesus to the nations in their neighborhoods.

Already have a small group at church who is interested in community outreach? Great! If not, we can help you form an engagement team with members of your local church or other churches nearby. We will assist you in developing a strategic vision for your team and train and equip you throughout your journey of cross-cultural engagement. All along the way, All Nations will pray with you and partner with you to make it happen.

Our goal is to see active and effective neighborhood engagement teams in every zip code in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County.

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of the international community around them


of the obligation and opportunity to represent Jesus to our international neighbors


in ways of lovingly, respectfully, and effectively sharing Christ with international neighbors regardless of their response


by love for God and by the love of Christ to meet the needs of international neighbors


the effort to raise up, train, send out, and multiply workers to be the hands and feet of Jesus 

Ok but what does it look like practically?

A neighborhood engagement team can look a lot of different ways but here are a few of our favorite ways we love to serve our neighbors:

Start An ESL Program

Teach English at church or pair up one-on-one to teach them in their homes

Raise Up Mentors

Pair local church members together with immigrants to meet practical needs such as filling out forms, driving to appointments or getting a job

Start A Kids Program

Help the children of immigrants and refugees to become the people God created them to be through fun, recreation and trauma-informed care. 

Are You In?

To find out if there is a neighborhood engagement team in your area or to start one, send us a message!

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