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To create opportunities for followers of Jesus to develop personal relationships with refugees and immigrants of all ages, promoting the love and message of Christ.  We do this by equipping the Church to love well and communicate the way of Jesus while working within the foreign-born population to establish restored community, a hope-filled view of the future, and the ability to fully express their unique giftings as image bearers of God. 

To provide encouragement, support, and guidance as new believers create an indigenous expression of the bride of Christ that is rooted locally, making a spiritual impact both here and abroad.

Welcomed With Love

Finding your way in a new place can be very difficult, especially if you're a refugee or immigrant who suddenly finds yourself here alone, without the close support of friends and family that you were used to back home. All Nations is committed to assuring there is a welcoming community to walk with new immigrants and refugees as they adapt to American culture and to help them succeed in their new environment while easing any feelings of displacement they may have from relocating to a new country. We want to see them contribute to the welfare of their new community in a meaningful way as they experience the fullness of the love of the Father.

One Body. Working Together. For Our City and The Nations.

Abstract Background

The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble - Psalm 9:9

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What if

there was a church in every zip code ready to welcome their foreign-born neighbors with the love and message of Jesus? What if it was your church?


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