Due to Covid-19 our Youth Program is currently suspended but we are planning a potential relaunch for Fall 2021. Love to volunteer with kids? Please contact us for more info on how you can serve All Nations Kids. 



Youth Development Program

All Nations is committed to seeing the foreign-born population of St. Louis thrive, becoming the person they were designed to be.  There is no better time to help people develop into their full potential than when they are young.

At All Nations Kids, the team works week after week to see refugee and immigrant youth become tomorrow's leaders.  Committed to leadership, literacy, art, and music education, as well as a healthy dose of fun and recreation, the staff and volunteers of All Nations Kids champions each child as they work towards the person they are destined to become.



This isn't your typical craft time.  All Nations Kids learn about art as they learn to express themselves through it.  Covering a wide spectrum from the classics to St. Louis' local artists, the curriculum is broad, and the kids have a blast as they uncover new ways to create.

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In keeping with the philosophy that each child is special and has something unique to contribute to their community, All Nations makes available music education and instruction.  Thanks to a partnership with Revival School of the Arts, children are encouraged and empowered to learn to make music in keeping with the historical culture of their family as well as the cultures represented by their classmates.



All work and no play?  Not at All Nations Kids.  After studying leadership and art and music, they need to let off some steam.  From the standard football, baseball, basketball, and soccer to the water balloon toss necessitated by the raging heat of St. Louis summer, the All Nations Kids team has a thousand tools in their belt to make sure everyone gets all that energy out before it's time to go home.

Volunteers Packing Food


Each summer at All Nations Kids Camp, kids experience a week long version of our kids program, with a daily rotation in art, music, and rec. Leadership lessons bookend the day and at the end of camp the Leader of the Camp is selected and awarded a prize.



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Second Floor
Saint Louis, MO 63123


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