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The Lord watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow - Psalm 146:9

Are you from another country and brand new to the St. Louis area?

Or have you lived in St. Louis for a long time but still need help doing things like learning English, getting your citizenship, or figuring out jobs or school?  


Don’t have any family here and feel alone? 


Would you like an American friend to help? 


All Nations wants to make that happen for you.  

We will pair you with an American mentor who will help with all of this. 


Your All Nations mentor also wants to be your true friend and learn about your culture, your family, and your dreams. 


Each mentor only works with one person, so your new American friend is there to help you and only you. 


We want to make America feel a little more like home for you. 

Muslim Girl Studying


If you need to go to college, we will help you prepare and walk alongside you through the application process. Then we will come to your home to help you study and encourage you.

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