What's the best way to impact the future of St. Louis? Be ALL IN. 

One Body. Working Together. For Our City And The Nations. 

There are many small ways that you can make a difference at All Nations:

Friend-to-Friend Adult Mentor Program

All Kids Youth Development Program

All Faithful Church Development Opportunities

Start a Small Outreach Group in Your Neighborhood

Become a Liaison for Your Local Church

Host a Class About Welcoming Immigrants in Jesus's Name

Join the Monthly Giving Club 

but if you really want to be a major agent for change in this city and around the world, JOIN US and be ALL IN. 

Many of our supporters love the fact that they can contribute to the work we're doing at ALL Nations by clicking a button to make a donation while they're at work or saying a quick prayer for us each morning. These people are just as much a part of our team as our paid employees and mentors. But we're also looking for those individuals or churches that want to join forces WITH US to love our neighbors and the nations! 

Invest in US and let US invest in YOU! Come and learn WITH US! Engage in the community WITH US! Start small groups WITH US! Be the Hands and Feet WITH US! Catalyze the local church WITH US! And maybe there's something we could learn FROM YOU! Or something valuable YOU could contribute to US! WE NEED YOU! 

Like a membership to a club, you'll receive BLAHBLAH 

Maybe say something about "this is not a job offer" or somehow work in great commission something?